Pregnancy Piercings - Silver


Pregnancy Piercings™
Flexible Pregnancy Belly Button Rings
The perfect product to keep your navel piercing while pregnant!

"I used this during my pregnancy and it was great! I was able to keep my piercing with no problems. This product helped me to make the decision to keep my piercing." Everyday barbells, rings, and PTFE are too short and can rip as your belly expands. This is different! It is very flexible and 2 inch length gives you plenty of room to grow. Sanitized and sealed in a sterilization pouch. Don't waste your time and money on other products... ONLY $15.99 BUY NOW!

The Original Pregnancy Piercing!

Here are more details and other uses for Pregnancy Piercings™

Pregnancy Piercings™ Pregnancy Belly Button Rings are made from a medical grade plastic that is typically used in deep surface piercings and any place where a flexible, non-metallic material is required. If it becomes medically necessary for you to remove your metallic jewelry, it can be inserted in its place, as a retainer, to keep the piercing open until your jewelry can be re-inserted. This material is used in a variety of medical applications, is non-toxic, bio-compatible, and autoclavable. If you need to adjust the size, you can easily cut the ends with scissors or a sharp blade. Includes 2 secure end balls.